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Deposit Info

Deposit Orders can be placed 24 hours per day.
Deposit orders placed in the evening hours after 9 pm EST will be processed the
following day, starting at 9 am EST. and ready the next day.

Most deposit requests are processed within 1 hour, however, please plan on 3 hours due to possible Bitcoin traffic and college football/NFL weekends. Please try to plan ahead, and get your requests in as early as possible.

Fees for deposit and payout requests are as follows:

$50.00, $100.00, and $150.00 packages – $14.95 cost
$200.00 package- $19.95 cost
$250.00, $300.00, $350.00, $400.00 packages- $24.95 cost
$450.00 & $500.00 packages – $49.95 cost

Is sports betting online legal in the U.S.?

Yes, it is legal because each state may or may not be able to operate a sportsbook,
but with our offshore accounts via the internet it is 100% legal. If it were not, the geo tracking
would not allow the transactions.

Importantly, gamblers are not targeted by the law. Only the operators of online gambling sites or
their intermediaries are covered.

Each of those systems must establish policies and procedures to identify and block transactions
with “unlawful” Internet gambling sites. We’ll get to the “unlawful” part in a moment.
Unlawful gambling’ definition was left vague…For one thing, the regulations never got around to
defining an “unlawful” online gambling operation. Time and again, rule makers copped out,
saying the task was just too complex.

Why do credit cards get blocked with online sportsbooks/casinos?

Ans: The banks have the ability to block the transaction of using an offshore sportsbook,
although it is not illegal. The banks are choosing how you can use your money. You can change
to a different bank, or simply use www.SportsBetFunding.com to move faster and easier to
deposit money into your sportsbook/casino account.

How fast are payouts?

Ans: 24-48 hours upon approval from the sportsbook.

Can I open more than one account?

Ans: Yes, most people have an account at 2 or 3 sportsbooks to shop lines.

Which of the online sportsbook/casino’s is best?

Ans: Depending on what type of player you are, we have only “A Rated” and the best to
choose from. If you want to talks specifically about each book, email our support staff to learn
more details.

Can you fund other sportsbooks that are not on your list?

Ans: No, although you can fund an existing account with the sportsbooks we offer and/or
start a brand new account, we can not fund other sportsbooks not on our affiliate list.

Are there any refunds?

Ans: There are absolutely no refunds.

Can I sign up for this if I live outside of the United States?

Ans: No, we are a U.S. based company, and can only serve U.S. clients.

Besides funding, what other benefits does Sports Bet Funding help with?

Ans: SBF is an affiliate of the various online sportsbooks and the relationship offers us
the ability to serve you better and expedite any issues that may arise. We offer a safer, faster, and
less expensive way to function, while getting experience and knowledgeable staff to help you.